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Stop Imitation Attacks
Fight Fraud Before It Happens

Shape ensures only genuine customers use your websites and mobile apps.

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What are Imitation Attacks?

Imitation attacks occur when criminals simulate legitimate activity, like logging into an account, on your web and mobile applications. These attacks result in account takeover, stolen points, lost PII, and fraud.

Imitation attack diagram

Shape Enterprise Defense
protects web and mobile applications in real-time from imitation attacks.

Blackfish Credential Defense
proactively alerts organizations when users’ credentials have been compromised.

Trusted by security and fraud teams in every industry

Technology perfected for the Fortune 500, now available for all


Shape offers protection for all of your digital channels, including:

  • Web
  • Mobile
  • API, e.g. OFX
Why Protecting Websites Isn't Enough

AI-Driven Service

Real-time mitigation, powered by AI that has been trained on the world’s most advanced dataset.

Fully managed service, including configuration, monitoring, and threat intelligence.

How Shape Works

Flexible Deployment

Shape integrates seamlessly with your existing architecture:

  • On-premises or in the cloud
  • Keep your CDN (any CDN)
  • API option for non-proxy deployment
Ways to Deploy

ROI within Weeks

Customers report sustained reductions in fraud losses, including chargebacks, unauthorized fund transfers, and stolen loyalty points.

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