Protect your web and mobile applications from bots, fake users, and unauthorized transactions

Block Bad Bots and Enable Good Users

Every time a request is made to your web and mobile applications, Shape determines whether it came from a bot or human. If it's an unwanted bot, Shape will block it from accessing your site.

Shape continually learns from new attacks across the entire Shape Network, ensuring your website it continually protected against the newest, most sophisticated attacks.

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The Shape Network

Protection Against Bots and Other Automated Attacks

CRedential stuffing

Credential stuffing attacks are responsible for account takeover (ATO).

Gift Card Cracking

Attackers check millions of gift card number variations on a gift card balance lookup application to identify card numbers that hold value.

Fake Accounts

Bad actors use fake accounts to commit financially-motivated attacks such as reward abuse on retail sites and money laundering via online banking.


Attackers use automated tools to collect large amounts of data from a target application in order to reuse that data elsewhere.

Credit Application Fraud

Attackers use stolen personally identifiable information (PII) to open an account in another person’s name.

Application DDos

Application DDoS is used by attackers to cause login problems, search timeouts, or unexplained database failures.

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Protect your online business from credential stuffing, account takeover, unwanted scraping, carding and other sophisticated online attacks and automation traffic that would otherwise result in large scale fraud, inflated cloud operational costs, and additional friction for your users.

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