Case Study: Retail and Gift Card Automated Fraud

When other sites get breached, fraudsters use those spilled credentials to hijack customer accounts.

Retail Industry Case Study


How Shape Defeated Account Hijackers and Saved Tens of Millions of Dollars

A Fortune 500 retailer, manages a gift card program with a stored value of over $5B. Cybercriminals targeted the program, stealing tens of millions of dollars from the company and its customers. Attackers used credentials spilled from other website breaches to hijack customer accounts and steal funds from gift cards. Fraudulent login attempts exceeded a million per day and made up over 90% of the traffic to the login URL. Traditional defenses, like web application firewalls, intrusion detection and prevention services, and fraud analytics, failed to prevent these ongoing automated attacks. The Fortune 500 retailer deployed the Shape solution and completely eliminated account hijackings.

Key Points

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Avivah Litan:

VP Distinguished Analyst, Gartner

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