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Get the same security as 3 of the top 4 US banks

Key Challenges

Aggregators like Plaid and Mint make up 20% of a typical bank’s traffic and log in 2.5x as often as real users. Banks and credit card issuers rely on Shape Enterprise Defense to manage individual aggregators’ access to customer data.

Man in the Browser malware afflicted Zelle the day it launched, allowing attackers to loiter until end users authenticated using multi-factor authentication, and then manipulate the transaction. Shape defeats MitB malware.

Login forms, mobile APIs, and OFX channels receive over 5M account takeover attempts per day, and typically 30k-50k of attacks are successful. Shape Enterprise Defense stops active credential stuffing attacks, and Blackfish Credential Defense notifies FIs about compromised credentials, proactively preventing ATO.

Why a top 10 North American Bank Chose Shape

  • Acquired fine-grained control over aggregators
  • Protected customers from account takeover
  • 1 Million credential stuffing attacks detected in the first week of deployment
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Solutions Designed Especially for Banks and Credit Card Issuers

Fulfill PCI DSS 6.6

Replace your WAF with a more sophisticated anti-automation solution.

Eliminate visible MFA

Shape delivers a higher level of security than normal MFA, while eliminating the friction of user-visible challenges.

Reduce manual reviews

Shape prevents malicious transactions, some of which would have otherwise required manual fraud review.

Latest Research

of all traffic on banks, credit card issuers, and money transmitters is non-human.
How Banks
can Innovate
Alongside Aggregators
Learn the techniques and strategies that Fortune 500 Banks use to partner with aggregators and better serve clients.
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How attackers use Aggregators against FIs
Watch this on-demand webinar to learn how and why attackers leverage apps like Mint and Acorns against financial institutions.

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