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Key Challenges

Tax fraud, shipping fraud, and other financially motivated attacks often start with attackers creating synthetic accounts. 2 of the Top 5 federal government agencies rely on Shape Enterprise Defense to stop attackers from creating accounts en masse on public-facing applications.
NIST recommends all government agencies check their employees’ credentials against a database of compromised passwords. Blackfish Credential Defense exceeds NIST’s guidelines, notifying government agencies when employees’ credentials have been compromised in third party breaches.
Unified systems like are at extreme risk of account takeover due to the immense data stored in each user’s account. Shape Enterprise Defense can protect both web and mobile login applications from credential stuffing attacks.

Shape protects top US agency from criminal AI

  1. Attackers used AI to take over citizens’ accounts
  2. Attackers had a 50% success rate
  3. Hundreds of thousands of ATOs despite multi-step authentication

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Shape prevented over $600 Million in fraud for a single government agency.

High-tech defense for the public sector

Maintain public trust

Ensure that sensitive data stored in accounts, including PII and benefits information, is safe.

Meet accessibility requirements

Shape is invisible to end users, enabling universal access.

Benefit from a fully managed service

Shape’s technology autonomously evolves ahead of attackers and we provide actionable threat intelligence and security consultations.

Latest Research


Key findings about the three billion credentials reported spilled in 2016 and insights into how third party breaches fuel credential stuffing attacks.


Learn about NIST’s Digital Identity guidelines and the danger of stolen passwords.

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