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Key Challenges

Gift cards are enumerated on websites and then resold to unsuspecting victims on third-party marketplaces. Retailers and e-commerce companies rely on Shape Enterprise Defense to prevent gift card cracking attacks.
Up to 99% of traffic on retail and e-commerce login forms is due to account takeover attempts. Shape Enterprise Defense stops active credential stuffing attacks, and Blackfish Credential Defense notifies retailers about compromised credentials, proactively preventing ATO.
Attackers create fake accounts to receive fraudulent rewards and sign-up bonuses. Shape Enterprise Defense stops fake account creation.

Fortune 500 retailer saves $25 Million

  1. Experienced 1000 ATOs/day pre-Shape
  2. Reduced chargeback fees and customer complaints

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Shape protects over 120 million transactions per day for e-commerce companies, QSRs, and traditional retailers.

Solutions designed with e-commerce in mind

Fulfill PCI DSS 6.6

Replace your WAF with a more sophisticated anti-automation solution.

Reduce friction during checkout

Using Shape, customers have removed CAPTCHAs, reducing the average time required to checkout by 7 seconds.

Save fraud analyst time

Shape identifies fraud with accuracy and surgical precision, eliminating the need for manual review.

Latest Research


28.7% of all login traffic on retail websites and mobile apps is due to credential stuffing attacks.

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Learn how attackers use both online and offline methods to crack gift card numbers and steal the value.



Learn how attackers commit credential stuffing attacks against retailers to steal gift cards, commit return fraud, and test stolen credit cards.

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