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Shape helps you answer a simple question: Is this request from a genuine user?

Key Challenges

Both users and 1099ers are targeted for account takeover attacks. Blackfish Credential Defense alerts you when their credentials have been compromised by attackers, and Shape Enterprise Defense prevents automated account takeover attempts.

On demand services and marketplaces face excessive scraping due to the value behind their networks. Shape Enterprise Defense enables fine-grained control over scrapers, automatically blocking some, while flagging or limiting others.

Bot accounts are not just a social media problem. Attackers use fake accounts in a variety of ways: to defraud marketplace vendors, manipulate user ratings, send spam, etc. Shape Enterprise Defense stops bad actors from creating fake accounts at scale.

A Top 5 Grossing Mobile App Defeats ATOs

  • 4 out of 5 login requests were credential stuffing attacks.
  • CDN-provider only able to prevent 20% of attacks
  • Shape eliminated all attacks, reducing site latency from 250 ms to 100 ms
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Reasons Why Silicon Valley Chooses Shape

Flexible Deployment Models

Deploy via a cloud service provider (e.g., GCP), your CDN (e.g., Fastly), or JavaScript-only model.

Frictionless UX

Shape’s solutions are completely invisible to the end-user, add 0 latency, and even allow companies to remove other sources of friction, e.g., CAPTCHA.

The Dataset

AI is only as good as its dataset. Shape’s machine-learning models are trained on 500M transactions per day, including 100M real human logins.

Latest Research

Credential Stuffing Using Headless Browsers
In this 13 minute video, learn how attackers use headless browsers like PhantomJS to bypass security and fraud detection.
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Over half of all new accounts being created on a Top 10 Social Network were bot accounts.
Tough on Humans
Easy on Bots
Even Google’s Invisible reCAPTCHA doesn’t stop motivated attackers.
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