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Key Challenges

Inventory lockout occurs when attackers and data aggregators scrape reservation applications too aggressively. Shape Enterprise Defense controls scrapers’ access, ensuring inventory availability is always accurate for genuine customers.
Frequent flyer miles and loyalty points are attractive targets for fraudsters, leading to ATOs. Shape Enterprise Defense protects login applications from credential stuffing attacks and Blackfish Credential Defense alerts companies when their users’ credentials have been compromised by malware, phishing, or third-party breaches.
Fare scraping, on average, comprises 80% of all traffic to airlines and hotels. Airlines and hotels rely on Shape Enterprise Defense to autonomously enforce OTA access agreements.

Attackers move straight from web to mobile

  1. Airline experienced 1000 ATOs per day on website
  2. As soon as the website was protected, attackers targeted the mobile app
  3. Airline deployed Shape on web and mobile; payback in 49 days

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Shape protects over 50% of all US Airline online transactions.

Key benefits of solving imitation attacks

Reduce call center volume

High-volume attacks lead to site downtime, angry customers, and overextended customer support teams. That stops with Shape.

Remove friction during booking

CAPTCHAs and other ineffective bot-detection tools lower conversion rates. Shape’s defense is invisible.

Scale fraud team

Over 50% of all flagged transactions require manual review. Shape blocks fraud attacks with extreme accuracy and precision, enabling fraud teams to focus on other priorities.

Latest Research

Credential Stuffing Using Headless Browsers


In this 13 minute video, learn how attackers use headless browsers like PhantomJS to bypass security and fraud detection.


Key findings about the three billion credentials reported spilled in 2016 and insights into how third party breaches fuel credential stuffing attacks.

Tough on Humans
Easy on Bots


Many travel companies use CAPTCHAs to stop automated attacks. Unfortunately, they don’t work.

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