Bot Mitigation and
Anti-Fraud for GCP
As a trusted Google Cloud technology partner, Shape Security has become the leader in AI-based, real-time fraud prevention, by leveraging GCP's BigQuery data analytics platform, GCP's Tensorflow machine learning platform, and GCP's Kubernetes platform, along with GCP Compute, Storage, and Networking.

Learn how Shape Security provides GCP customers with bot mitigation, anti-fraud, DDoS and additional protection from malicious and unwanted automated web traffic for web and mobile applications.

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The leading solution for anti-fraud and bot mitigation now available for businesses built on Google Cloud Platform

Shape’s bot mitigation and online fraud prevention platform stops over one billion fraudulent or unwanted web and mobile transactions daily, while keeping more than 150 million legitimate human logins and other interactions safe.

Now you can leverage this industry-leading solution to protect your business built on Google Cloud Platform, from a trusted Google Cloud Technology Partner.

 Our customers report sustained reductions in fraud losses, including chargebacks, unauthorized fund transfers, and stolen loyalty points.

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Shape Leverages AI and ML to Defeat Attackers and Prevent Fraud

Shape protects web and mobile applications and API endpoints from these sophisticated automation attacks that would otherwise result in large scale fraud. 

To websites and mobile applications, attackers appear virtually identical to genuine users by hijacking their devices, simulating human behavior, and leveraging stolen identities. Attackers rapidly evolve tools and methods, making it nearly impossible for apps or even humans alone to tell the difference between real and fake.

Shape solutions leverage artificial intelligence and machine learning, among other technologies, to accurately determine in real-time if an application request is from a fraudulent source, and if so, effectively mitigate. As soon as new countermeasures are deployed, 5%-10% of attackers will typically attempt to retool and start a new attack. Shape solutions adapt and maintain full efficacy even as attackers evolve.

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