SAFE - Shape AI Fraud Engine

Less Fraud, Less Friction, Less Effort

About the video:
This customer exclusive and customized video covers everything you need to know about our freshly released fraud solution: Shape AI Fraud Engine (SAFE).

Reducing online fraud against web and mobile applications is a challenge. Despite having numerous fraud tools, most enterprises still lose millions to fraud annually. Worse, fear of fraud also causes enterprises to impose friction on legitimate users.

SAFE gives fraud teams a new and powerful solution to detect and eliminate online fraud and ultimately maximize revenue for your business.

Learn how SAFE:
  • Delivers the outcome of “less fraud” (often 2x less) than other systems.
  • Delivers less friction for legitimate users by eliminating excess MFA challenges.
  • Requires less effort from fraud teams to operate.
Featured speakers:
Sumit Agarwal
Co-Founder | Shape Security
VP of Product | F5 Networks
Mengmeng Chen
Sr Director | Product Management
F5 Networks

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