2015 Headlines

Over 6 Million Kids Profiles Accessed in VTech Hack
December 2, 2015 / SecurityWeek

"VTech apparently had almost nothing in the way of security on their web application…"

The Grinch Who Exposed Your Kids' Identities
December 1, 2015 / InformationWeek DarkReading

"This attacker hasn't shared the data, but there's no way of knowing whether other attackers may have already obtained the same data…"

How Bots Hijack Holiday Shopping
November 30, 2015 / CNBC

"Cyber Grinches scalp Santa with an automated arsenal of software programs that snap up new toy releases faster than any parent's frantic fingers can click 'buy.'"

VTech Breach Exposes 5 Million Kids and Their Parents to Risk
November 30, 2015 / eWeek

"Watch for telltale signs that a company isn't taking security seriously, such as not using Secure Sockets Layer/Transport Layer Security (SSL/TLS) while logging in or submitting sensitive information…"

VIDEO: 'No good way' to allow government encryption access
November 17, 2015 / CNBC / 2:33 Minutes

Shuman Ghosemajumder talks with Jon Fortt on the hot topic of encryption on CNBC’s Squawk Alley.

What Lurks in the Shadows: Advanced Cyber Attacks that Hide in SSL Traffic
November 17, 2015 / infoTECH

"…in an interesting twist, consultants at Shape Security discovered that at least one Icoscript strain receives C&C updates from Gmail draft messages."

Paying Ransoms to Hackers Stirs Debate (paywall)
November 9, 2015 / The Wall Street Journal

Shuman Ghosemajumder offers his perspectives on the practice of paying up when confronted with ransomware attacks.

What Is Polymorphic Malware and Why Should I Care?
October 16, 2015 / Security Intelligence

"Shape Security offered an illustration of how its Botwall service alters the underlying HTML code of a Web page so that it is constantly changing…"

Cybersecurity strategy needs to be more dynamic, experts say
October 15, 2015 / SearchSecurity

Shape’s Sumit Agarwal offers his perspectives on the role of integrated access management in recent breaches.

The Secret to an Ideal Work Culture
October 2, 2015 / Time Magazine

"By succinctly defining broad but actionable rules of the playground, Shape enables its employees to experiment freely without constantly checking in with supervisors."

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