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Why Enterprises choose Shape

The world’s leading brands continue to selected Shape to help them stop criminals, slash fraud and improve user experiences because Shape offers peace of mind through:

Unrivaled accuracy

Through patented telemetry and signal collection and advanced AI and ML, Shape solutions accurately detect and mitigate fraudulent and unwanted traffic in real-time.

Zero User Friction

Shape solutions allow legitimate human users to proceed with without introducing any additional friction: no CAPTCHA, no multi-factor authentication.

Network Leverage

Every 24 hours, Shape blocks more than two billion fraudulent log-in attempts and other transactions, while ensuring that more than 200 million legitimate human transactions are kept safe.

Omnichannel protection

Shape Defense can be deployed to protect web and mobile applications, as well as HTTP APIs. The company’s mobile SDK is deployed on more than 200 million iOS and Android devices worldwide.

Advanced defenses

Shape partners with enterprises to stay 10 steps or more ahead of the bad guys with the industry’s most complete defense solution portfolio. Advanced solutions include defenses against aggressive aggregators, manual fraud, and compromised user credentials.

Jointly Securing Digital Transformation

Help your customers protect the digital transformation of their businesses with best-in-class web and mobile application security and fraud prevention solutions from Shape Security. Partnering with Shape means partnering with a recognized market and technology leader who protects more accounts from automation attacks and other kinds of fraud than everyone else in the world combined.

Shape partners with a variety of go-to-market and technology partners to deliver maximum protection and integration to our customers.

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Go-to-Market Partners

The Shape Global Partner Program ensures you will be properly enabled, and financially compensated for helping us bring our solutions to your customers. The program provides financial differentiation, including deal registration, tiered incentive programs, incumbency protection, as well as access to marketing development funds and other marketing programs.

Shape’s Go-to-Market Partners span a variety of partner practice models, including system integrators, value-added distributors, value-added resellers, and referral partners. The program offers the flexibility to participate in multiple aspects concurrently.

Why partner with Shape?
Strategic value-add to your customers - A partnership with Shape puts you in the driver’s seat to help your customers with the most pressing security and fraud risks threatening online businesses today.
Unmatched security outcomes - Shape’s application security and fraud prevention solutions deliver maximum protection for your customers’ digital operations.
Rapid business growth - Our program is designed to drive business opportunities and maximize your revenue.
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Technology Partners

Protecting an enterprise’s digital transformation cloud, infrastructure, and data integrations that drive effective application security, slash fraud and deliver improved business outcomes.

Shape partners with industry-leading technology partners on integrations within a comprehensive web application stack. Critical coverage areas include identity and access management, data, anti-fraud, web and mobile application infrastructures and platforms, cloud infrastructure, security operations, and security and fraud analytics. We also work with our partners on suitable go-to-market constructs to augment and accelerate our mutual success in the market.

As a Shape Technology Partner, you can benefit from:

Leverage the deep web and mobile application security and fraud  intelligence, from the world’s largest application security and fraud prevention platform.
Accelerate the development of differentiated market offerings that support and deliver enhanced application security and fraud prevention.
More easily integrate your products into customer environments that include Shape application security and fraud prevention solutions.
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Three Solutions that Leverage Shape’s AI System


Shape Enterprise Defense processes billions of web and mobile transactions per day. By separating real humans from unwanted bots, Enterprise Defense eliminates the threat surface for all kinds of online fraud, business logic abuse, and account takeover.
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Blackfish is the only solution that alerts an enterprise when attackers actively use its compromised credentials, before they appear on the dark web. Even when the credentials are used for account takeover against a different target.
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Shape Connect gives small, but growing, online businesses an all-in-one security solution that eliminates bots and fraudsters. Shape Connect never adds user friction (no CAPTCHAs) and always preserves your site’s availability and low latency.
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