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Solution to identify online visitors and enhance fraud decisioning


Your digital and anti-fraud teams need a unique, persistent identifier beyond cookies to support enhance authentication and anti-fraud


Shape DeviceID

Digital transformation continues to move more consumer interactions to the cloud. At the same time, every day, web and mobile applications face an onslaught of sophisticated attacks that simulate human behavior using highly sophisticated automated tools, with the goal of conducting crime or disrupting business. To support online business growth and to protect online business, enterprises need new ways to identify online visitors, and power their fraud decisioning.

Shape DeviceID leverages the robust signal set collected and analysed by Shape Enterprise Defense to generate digital IDs that can be used to identify a device/browser or device/mobile app pair, and link web page visits and other online events with each ID. SED customers can use these DeviceIDs to improve and optimize user experiences for improved conversion tracking and as a data input for fraud analysis. Shape DeviceIDs are more available and more persistent than traditional cookies.

Strong ID Solution for Shape Enterprise Defense Customers

Designed to meet the needs of a broad range of organizations, Shape API Defense delivers world-class application protection that leverages the power of the Shape network.

Realtime ID generation and delivery

DeviceID generates and delivers IDs in real time, within each session or transaction, for real-time responsiveness and decisioning. IDs are encrypted and pseudonymized, providing a probabilistic identifier for each device/browser or device/mobile app session. 

Leverages Shape Enterprise Defense

Shape DeviceID leverages the same broad array of signals and advanced AI/ML algorithms that SED collects and analyzes to accurately classify automation versus human traffic more than 2B times per day. Since it’s built on SED, DeviceID can be turned on by a simple policy change for existing SED customers - no additional hardware, software or integration required.

IDs for Real Humans, Not Bots

Powered by SED, DeviceID only generates IDs that are known to represent actual human users, not bots or other forms of automation. This makes DeviceID more accurate and reliable for anti-fraud and authentication use cases.

Comprehensive Coverage

DeviceID generates IDs for device/browser and device/mobile app pair where the Shape JavaScript or mobile SDK clients are deployed.


DeviceID has been designed to meet the needs of a broad range of industry and enterprise use cases. Enterprises can select from a choice of ID recipes and level-of-confidence scores to cater to their specific use cases.

DeviceID vs. Cookies

Cookies suffer from a number of limitations when used to identify online visitors and inform fraud decisioning. Shape DeviceID provides a solution that can address these limitations.

  • Cookies are only available for browser-based traffic and aren’t available for mobile app users. Shape DeviceID is can be generated from other signals, and is therefore available for both browser and mobile app users.
  • Cookies are disabled when users go into private browsing mode, available on many modern browsers. Shape DeviceID is available even in private browsing mode.
  • Cookies are easily erased by browser users. Shape DeviceID is robust and durable independent of browser refreshes and is always available.

How Shape DeviceID Works

  1. A Shape client (JavaScript, Android SDK or iOS SDK) collects user and device signals.
  2. As collected signals are coming to SSE, a subset of them are selected to generate the most unique and persistent DeviceID.
  3. Generated IDs can be delivered to enterprises in an HTTP header, the API response, or CEF data.

Uniquely Identify and Service your Online Visitors

Power the next iteration of your digital business beyond the limitations of cookies using Shape DeviceID. Gain actionability, granular and real-time visibility into your web and mobile traffic, so you can deliver better user experiences and better analyze and mitigate fraud. 

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