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Shape DeviceID+ delivers a real-time unique identifier for each device visiting web and mobile web sites to help fraud, security, operations and marketing teams better serve and protect their customers.


Understanding the devices interacting with your website brings with it tremendous benefits for the security, networking, fraud, and digital teams. But a reliable, usable, and effective device identifier requires moving beyond legacy approaches of digital identity and leveraging more advanced ones.  


Shape DeviceID+

Shape DeviceID+ is a real-time, high-precision device identifier that utilizes advanced signal collection and proven machine learning algorithms to assign a unique identifier to each device visiting your site. Deployment is simple, with immediate benefits for the security, networking, fraud, and digital teams. Never has understanding the unique devices visiting your applications been so easy.

How Shape DeviceID+ Works

When each user visits your website, DeviceID+ leverages JavaScript to collect information about the browser, device’s OS, hardware, and network configuration. These attributes feed into Shape’s DeviceID+ service built on Shape’s industry-recognized AI and machine learning capabilities. The data is processed in real time, and a unique identifier is assigned to the device.

For more details, please read the
DeviceID+ Product Overview

The Benefits of Using Shape DeviceID+


Strengthen your attack detection and mitigation analysis through accurate device identification. Recognize returning devices that your security systems have already flagged as suspicious.


Incorporate a unique device identifier into routing logic to better manage and optimize network traffic. Identify devices even when malicious actors manipulate Layer 7 data.


Monitor customer behavior across new account creation, user authentication, e-commerce checkout, and financial transactions to keep customers safe.


Make login, checkout, and authentication seamless for known returning users and devices. Shape has demonstrated through A/B testing that reducing security friction increases revenue, and device identification is an important element in any strategy for friction reduction.
“Similar in performance to our in-house device ID, but without the engineering investment.”
- Top 10 North American Retailer
"Passed 20+ evaluation metrics and was able to reliably identify 67% overall users as returning users a period of one month."
- Leading Fashion Retailer in Asia
“Better performance than our in-house device ID.”
- Large EMEA-based Shopping Platform and Online Marketplace

Improve Understanding of Your Web Traffic Today

Deploying Shape DeviceID+ is fast and simple, with prebuilt integrations for current Shape and F5 customers. Or deploy using your current tag manager. Either way, start getting the insights you need about devices interacting with your website to improve security, reduce fraud and improve user experiences.

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