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Shape Recognize™

Shape Recognize™ identifies returning known good users of your website in real time through the power of machine learning and analytics insights across F5’s network. The solution rescues users from the frustration of excessive logins and reauthentication, helping brands safely grow topline revenue


Problem: In the hypercompetitive digital market, consumers have many choices at their fingertips - the ability to quickly login, research and transact is a key competitive advantage for brands. The tension between friction-free consumer experiences and application security can lead to less than ideal choices that directly impact business outcomes. For typical B2C web applications, up to 30% of legitimate human traffic struggles to successfully login.


Shape Recognize™

Shape Recognize™ identifies returning, known users of your website and reduces authentication friction for these users.

This enables B2C organizations to provide a persistent and secure login experience, where good users rarely face authentication challenges at login. Reducing login friction can help drive increases in online revenue safely.

How Shape Recognize Works

The Benefits of Using Shape Recognize™

40% reduction in manual login friction

1-2% increase in the top-line revenue

$10M+ Reduction in support cost

Increase repeat customer share of wallet
Increase customer satisfaction (CSAT) levels
Increased security and data privacy
Prevents any brand dilution
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“Not only do users start to convert, they also purchase more often.”
-Top 10 U.S. North America Retailer
“The projected business benefit presented was 100% accurate (and we checked in A/B testing).”
-Top 10 U.S. Financial Institute
“The revenue lift and user experience improvement is incredible - can’t wait to extend to infinite session.”
-Top 3 U.S. Airline

Increase Revenue by Rescuing Users From Authentication Distress Today

Deploying Shape Recognize is fast and simple, with pre-built integrations for current Shape and F5 customers. Or deploy using your current tag manager. Either way, start getting the insights you need about to identify known good users to improve authentication experience.

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