An AI system to answer a single question: Is this a real user?

Shape uses artificial intelligence to fight artificial users

Attackers appear virtually identical to genuine users by hijacking their devices, simulating human behavior, and leveraging stolen identities. Their tooling and methods change rapidly, so it is extremely difficult for the naked eye alone to tell the difference between real and fake without the assistance of machines.

AI is as good as the quantity & quality of its data

For a neural network to be useful in discerning actors that are actively trying to fool it, the system must be trained on billions of requests until the inputs are so precise that they can definitively assess the correct answer every time, no matter the sophistication of the attackers. In other words, the neural network has taught itself what a human request looks like.

Shape has defended the world’s largest companies for years, giving our machine learning models access to data that comprehensively resembles the real-world of attackers and their ability to retool. Today, Shape processes over 500 million transactions per day, including 50 million new attacks and 100 million real human logins every day.

Three Solutions that Leverage Shape’s AI System


Shape Enterprise Defense processes billions of web and mobile transactions per day. By separating real humans from unwanted bots, Enterprise Defense eliminates the threat surface for all kinds of online fraud, business logic abuse, and account takeover.
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Blackfish is the only solution that alerts an enterprise when attackers actively use its compromised credentials, before they appear on the dark web. Even when the credentials are used for account takeover against a different target.
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Shape Connect gives small, but growing, online businesses an all-in-one security solution that eliminates bots and fraudsters. Shape Connect never adds user friction (no CAPTCHAs) and always preserves your site’s availability and low latency.
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