Easiest way to manage Financial Aggregators

Watch how top 3 US banks manage financial aggregators like Mint, Yodlee, Plaid, Acorns, etc and security challenges they present.

Key Findings:

Aggregators like Plaid and Mint make up 20% of a typical bank’s traffic and log in 2.5x as often as real users.
Attackers are known to tunnel into financial services through aggregator access, bypassing security.
Financial aggregators store the actual banking credentials (usernames and passwords) of the consumers they serve, as well as 60 to 90 days of account data.

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Prevent Fraud

Over half of all online fraud occurs because fraudsters are using stolen data to appear like real customers (this is also known as “clean fraud.”) Shape distinguishes fake users from real ones before they have the chance to commit fraudulent transactions.

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Gift Card Cracking

Gift cards are enumerated on websites and then resold to unsuspecting victims on third-party marketplaces. Retailers and e-commerce companies rely on Shape Enterprise Defense to prevent gift card cracking attacks.

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Eliminate Bots

Every website that is built for users gets abused by attackers using automation. Shape offers comprehensive anti-automation technology that is built on the same platform that defends 20% of Fortune 500 brands from imitation attacks.

Shape knows if a user is real or fake

Every time a request is made to your website or a mobile app, Shape determines whether it came from a bot or human. If it’s an unwanted bot, Shape will block it from accessing your site.

Shape’s AI-backend continually learns from new attacks across the entire Shape Network, ensuring your website and mobile apps are continually protected against the newest, most sophisticated attacks.

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