Automating Cybercrime with Sentry MBA

Anatomy of a Sentry MBA attack

Targeting and attack refinement.
Automated account checking.
Monetization. Sentry MBA (and the criminal ecosystem that supports it) dramatically improve criminal productivity during the first two phases.

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Prevent Fraud

Over half of all online fraud occurs because fraudsters are using stolen data to appear like real customers (this is also known as “clean fraud.”) Shape distinguishes fake users from real ones before they have the chance to commit fraudulent transactions.

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Gift Card Cracking

Gift cards are enumerated on websites and then resold to unsuspecting victims on third-party marketplaces. Retailers and e-commerce companies rely on Shape Enterprise Defense to prevent gift card cracking attacks.

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Eliminate Bots

Every website that is built for users gets abused by attackers using automation. Shape offers comprehensive anti-automation technology that is built on the same platform that defends 20% of Fortune 500 brands from imitation attacks.

Using Sentry MBA in Credential Stuffing Attacks

A list of usernames and passwords is at the heart of every Sentry MBA attack. In Sentry MBA parlance, these are called “combo” lists. If the combo list has credentials that were valid on another website (e.g. via publicized breaches at eBay, Sony, and Ashley Madison or through phishing techniques), the attack is called “credential stuffing.” Credential stuffing works because Internet users routinely reuse passwords across web accounts. Verizon’s 2015 data breach report cites the use of stolen credentials as the most common attack action used against web applications today.

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