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Stop Bot Traffic with Shape Enterprise Defense

Protecting 4 Billion transactions per week from imitation attacks

Problem: Attackers use your web and mobile apps as designed
Solution: Shape knows good users from bad actors

Shape invisibly protects every application from attack, fraud, and abuse. By defending the world’s largest companies, Shape has developed expertise in not just knowing whether a request is coming from a bot or human, but whether the request was made with malicious or benign intent. This ability allows Shape to prevent fraud in real-time; manage aggregator and partner access to your applications; and provide new data for customer and business insights.

How It Works

Shape Enterprise Defense determines in real-time if an application request is from a fraudulent source and then takes an enterprise-specified action, such as blocking, redirecting, or flagging the request.

For more detail, please read the Shape Solution Overview (PDF / Datasheet)

Shape Fits into Your Existing Infrastructure


As a reverse proxy in your datacenter

Shape Hosted

As a reverse proxy in Shape’s datacenter

Shape Managed Cloud

As a reverse proxy in a Shape managed Public Cloud

API Based

Available as an API endpoint

The Benefits of Partnering with Shape


No daily rule-setting. No hefty user manual. Shape Enterprise Defense is provided as a fully managed service, acting as an extension of your security and fraud teams.


As advanced attackers retool, Shape evolves and mitigates the attacks via supervised and unsupervised machine learning.


As soon as a new attack technique is observed on one customer, all other Shape customers are immediately inoculated against it.
“Shape is not only providing a technical solution but also a service. Sign of a good partner.”
- Director of Information Security, Top 10 North American Bank
"We really appreciate the partnership and look forward to continuing to expand the deployment to drive even more protection for our customers."
- Senior Director of Cyber Security, Top 10 US Retailer
“Unlike traditional security solutions, we don’t need more training or headcount to get value out of Shape’s solution. They’ve completely blocked the attackers without inconveniencing my users or imposing on my team.”
- CISO, Fortune 500 Company

Get Protected by Shape

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